An affordable Good Night's Sleep with Essential Oils | Edens Garden Lavender & Breathe Easier Review

Hold on tired mamas, I'm bringing you Oh, so good news today. It's about that one thing that we all so desperately want.


Oh, sleep, how I've missed you, how I need you!

I think I'm in love with sleep. No, really.

I'll take it when I can get it. But unfortunately the real kind of sleep-- the quality knocked-out-sleeping-like-a-baby sleep, when you actually wake up rested is hard to come by. That's where my good news comes in!

For a while I've been researching the power of essential oils. I've heard raving reviews from other mamas on how great they are for everything from fighting colds, good sleep, healing cuts, curing headaches, fighting fatigue and stress. And it being an all natural remedy to these pesky things I was like, I want in on that.

So when Archer recently came down with the sniffles and had trouble breathing and sleeping well (which meant I got zero sleep either, of course) I knew it was the perfect time to try out essential oils. If they didn't work than at least I hadn't over-medicated him or myself. I don't know about you but I feel guilty resorting to medicine for my baby.

Anyway, in my research I found that essential oils can be very expensive! Like $40 for 10ml, expensive. It made me feel like if I wanted to try a natural remedy it was really going to cost me. And to that I say, booo! I knew there had to be quality oils for less. I mean a good night's sleep shouldn't be expensive, right?? I resorted to my go-to place for good deals where I shop based on good reviews, Amazon.

I had already tried Edens Garden before with a bergamot essential oil and loved their product. This quality brand is well-known with great reviews, their 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils have a great price-point, almost all under $8/10ml. So I ordered their Breathe Easier essential oil blend (only $4.95 for 10ml! That's more like it) that has peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It smells diviiinne. I used it in a diffuser (you can also add it to the water in your humidifier/vaporizer, bath, or shower) and it worked great for opening his passages and clearing up congestion. I also ordered Lavender ($6.25 for 10ml) because if anything that's the one I needed the most, for sleep.

I mixed a couple drops into a bit of Vick's Baby Rub (which has aloe vera, eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender oils, I also rubbed this onto Archer's chest, neck, and bottoms of feet) and applied it to the bottoms of my feet (they're very porous and work immediately on the body) and put on my comfiest, softest fleece socks.

Instant aaahhh, I'm telling you!

I could almost feel a slight tingle of the oils working their magic. I felt soothed, calmed, comforted, and sleepy. Oh, yes, sleepy. So heavenly. Archer and I both slept so well- longer, and way better than we had in a while.

These four things: the Vick's Baby Rub, Breathe Easier, and Lavender essential oils, and humidifier are now my go-to products for good sleep. I can't wait to try them for other things now!

A good night's sleep should be affordable to everyone. Quality products don't need to be expensive to work well. If you and/or your baby are desperate for a good night's sleep (and you don't want to spend a lot of money, I mean who does??) think about giving essential oils a try. I hope you're encouraged by my results.


New Mom Post-Partum & Newborn Essentials

Post-partum/newborn must-haves
Being a new mom you learn by trial and error every day. Sometimes you learn you've over prepared due to major paranoia (and what you read telling you you "must-have." Most sources make you feel like you have to go out and buy sooo many things!) and other less fortunate times you learn things that you never could've prepared for! 

Enter my list of just the bear essentials for the first few weeks into motherhood. It's all such a crazy, tiring, emotional, fantastic roller coaster of a journey that is Oh, so full of the most glorious love.

These are the new mom essentials that helped me and will hopefully be useful and help make the first few weeks a bit easier and more comfortable for you and your little, so you can focus on the journey and lots of lots of squishy newborn kisses!

All of these things can be found at Target. 
Get them before you start packing your hospital bag so that everything is ready. 
--It'll seem like a mini-vacation when you get to go there alone;)

1. Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads. Um, so not glamorous but so essential. These "pads" are actually more like circular wipes. Use them on top of your pad for an instant cooling effect and as wipes as well. They feel amazing and you'll want to stash at least two containers. 

2. Dermoplast Antibacterial Pain Relieving Spray. Use this hospital-grade anesthetic and antiseptic spray after every trip to the bathroom for a little numbing action. 
3. Stool Softener. Enough said. Even, and especially if you think you won't need them. You do. For at least a week following delivery.

4. Lansinoh Lanolin Treatment. This nipple ointment will be your everything. Seriously. Apply it after every feeding for best results. 

 5. Bravado Nursing Tank Top. These tank tops are THE best! Comfy, supportive, and easy to access. You'll live in these, get two. Or three. 

6. Moby Wrap. Stuff still needs to get done at home and that's where babywearing comes into play. Your little bundle will love it and you get to go hands-free. Win, win.

7.  Gerber White Cotton Onesies. Forget about all the cute outfits you have planned for your babe, they won't fit for a while and he'll either spit up or poop (or both) on it the second you put it on anyway. Onesies are easy to put on, come in packs, and are comfy. They're swaddled most of the time so this is all they need to wear. 

8. 4Moms Mamaroo. Oh, this little invention. So handy for new parents in so many ways. It puts your baby to sleep (with 5 different motions and speeds), makes for a great bassinet (Archer slept in this for the first couple of months, it reclines in any position), and keeps them entertained as they grow. It even plays nature sounds, white noise, or plays anything on your iPhone.  

9. Pampers Newborn Diapers. Diapers, pretty obvious, I know. This is important though! I love Huggies but not for newborn diapers. You have to get Pampers brand. Leaks are zero fun. Especially in the middle of the night when you've finally gotten him to sleep only to have to wake him up because there's pee, ev-ery-wh-ere. 

10. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets. I love these light-weight gauzy, stretchy swaddle blankets. They're perfect for Summer babies or any baby that runs really warm naturally. This pack of 4 is  enough. 

11. Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier. This pacifier is the most favored by newborns. It's just like the kind they'll get at the hospital, if you ask for it. 

Good luck, Mama!


My Top 5 Favorite Pink MAC Lipsticks

MAC makes the best lipstick colors hands down. They carry a great variety and the quality is one of a kind. But there are so many that it actually becomes difficult to pick which ones are the best (IMO) and overall the most flattering. From my experience and background as a MAC girl myself, I have come to know, memorize, and love their lipstick collection, so I've picked out my favorite lipsticks in the pink category to share with you! These colors are the most universally flattering so I hope you're able to find one you love on yourself!

1. Angel- Such a pretty, neutral pastel pink! This is a frost so it has a tiny bit of shimmer, you really can't see it though. The finish is slightly glossy. It's a celeb fave!

2. Snob- A little goes a long way with this satin opaque pastel pink. It's a pale color is on the blue side but packs quite the punch. It'll become your go-to pink for your girls night out.  

3. Chatterbox- My go-to color when I want something a bit brighter than the everyday shade. This bright mid-tone pink is a creme that goes on super smooth and stays put really well. Looks great on anyone!

4. Lickable- A bright pop of magenta pink! Its cremesheen texture gives a slick application that is super concentrated in its color payoff. Bonus, it automatically makes your teeth appear whiter!

5. Relentlessly Red- Don't let the red in its name fool you. This retro matte goes on more like a bright red-pink with a bit of coral. Super long-lasting color with zero sheen. Such a fun color to wear!


How To Get the Best Application with a Box Dye | Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color #41 Hair Dye Review

No filters were used in any of my pictures.

Okay, I know what you're thinking, "Box dye, really?" But hear me out on this one, k? 

So being the busy mama that I am I had gone a really long time without getting my hair done. Like months and months, long. I was sick and tired of seeing it so blah with way faded (and brassy, ew) ends and 5 inches of roots. Not to mention how gross it feels to always have my hair up in a messy knot or as I like to call it-- "Mom Hair" Ha! So, I was determined to do something about it on my own, save some money, and take on the challenge of getting decent results using box dye. 

I found this Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color #41 Medium Brown 2-pack on sale at Walmart for $5 (I never go there so thanks to my mom for telling me about it) Um, suuuper cheap, right?? I figured if it doesn't work than it was only $5. 

I'd never done a box dye on myself before so I was a bit skeptical on just how easy it'd be and if the results would look anything like they do on the box. I figured it's the equivalent of trying to match foundation by holding it up to your face!

I give this product 5 out of 5 s

Pros: The process was very easy, the instructions were clear and easy to follow and the results were great!! I liked that it is ammonia-free- smells good compared to most dyes and came with everything I needed to get the job done besides Vaseline for my hairline to avoid staining, a comb to distribute color (I hardly used it though) and hair clips, of course. I was surprised at the amount of product that each bottle had! For touch-ups one box would easily be enough. Also, I have to say that I'm pretty messy with my product but was glad that it cleaned up really easily, didn't stain my sink or bathroom tile.

My results were fabulous! It was the exact color I wanted! Plus, my hair was left smooth and soft (the box says "Leaves hair in better condition" I felt it did.) The color was even all over, which was my biggest concern since I had virgin hair at the top and bleached ends. This color, #41 Medium Brown, has great dimension and warmth without being brassy. 

Cons: The only thing I would like changed are different gloves. The ones that it comes with are plastic-y and too big so they're slippery. I will use my own next time, I think. Also, the box claims the formula has UV defense but there's no way to prove that so I think that's just gimmicky. 

I first researched this specific brand and color as well as tips on how to get the best application. 
Here's what I found the most helpful after having done it--
  • Don't wash your hair a day or two before hand. The natural oils help the dye adhere better.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly before beginning to get all tangles out. 
  • Section hair into 4 main sections using clips, work with smaller pieces from each section to get even coverage.
  • Use Vaseline on your hairline to avoid staining your skin.
  • Have someone help you with the back portion to make sure it is completely saturated.
  • If you have long hair (past your shoulders, or very thick) buy two boxes. 
  •  **Important** If you have lighter, processed, faded out ends like I did (see image below) leave dying them till the very end! I knew this going in so I was careful not to get dye on them (I applied dye down onto the midshaft but left about the last 4 inches of my ends free of color.) I applied color to the ends with the second bottle (which I also used to do a final all-over coat) of dye right before putting it up into a bun to process. Coat them very well.
  • Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. The box's minimum time is 25 but I have thick hair and I really wanted to color to grab. It's okay to wait even longer. 
  • These are the box's tips: When washing it out first get some warm water on your hair and massage the color in. Then rinse out completely but don't shampoo, only use the conditioner that is also included.  
I totally recommend this product if you want to save a lot of money (This would've cost me upwards of $100 at a salon) on going to the salon and have zero time to do so. And if you have enough experience working with your own hair and understand the basics about how hair dye work. Just so that you're confident and don't get nervous doing your own hair, because that's what will mess you up!

Good Luck!

Results in natural light. No filter.


Archer's Woodland Adventure-themed Nursery

Totally late on blogging about Archer's nursery but here it is! Click over to Oh, So Darling for the full tour and all the details of my nursery on a budget! There's also a crib skirt and embroidery hoop gallery DIY.


Myheartistry is expanding! Introducing Mama & Little Teething Jewelry!

I started MyHeartistry going on 5 years ago! And since then I have come a long way with this little blog. Touching on different subjects besides makeup and beauty, like pregnancy and food-- of, course! Because my life has changed in the last couple of years so has my blog. Now that I'm a mom I hope to bring useful tips and ideas to help make our busy lives a bit easier, always with a positive attitude to hopefully garner some inspiration.

I've enjoyed writing this blog, learning from trial and error on my own, growing my freelance makeup and hair business and that has brought me to develop a passion for following my dreams. That's what MyHeartistry has become-- a place/thing/motivation where all my creative impulses turn into real life accomplishments:) Listening and acting on all my creative impulses is actually really fun! So, that brings me to introducing Mama & Little. My new creative business venture for mamas and their littles. A teething jewelry collection with modern styles in colors (and pricing) any mom will love! I'm so passionate about it. I've grown it from just an idea in my mind to designing and fulfilling this little dream. 

If your little is going through the dreaded teething phase or soon will you'll want to check out Mama & Little. You'll inevitably need to take off your necklace (and pretty much all jewelry!) to keep it out of their mouths but that doesn't mean you can't accessorize at all! Our collection of necklaces and bracelets are 100% food-grade silicone (non-toxic, BPA, PVC, and lead free, too!) super durable, and made to be safe for your little. If you're a mom who's always looking for that next new, fun thing that will make your life a bit easier and make your little happy you'll want to try our products:) Follow Mama & Little on Instagram and Pinterest too.

Thanks for sticking by me and for all of your lovely support!


Makeup Doubles: M.A.C's Teddy eyeliner VS Rimmel's Scandaleyes brown eyeliner

brown eyeliner double

Here is another great makeup double that I've found for you girls. I myself use this one daily and love it!

I love M.A.C's Teddy eyeliner for its rich brown color and subtle gold shimmer that flatters all eye colors. I've used it for years and have it in my makeup kit. But sadly, it isn't a long-wearing formula so it tends to smudge or wear off through out the day. Which is a bummer considering how much i pay for it.

I was in the market for a more affordable everyday brown eyeliner when I came across Rimmel's eyeliner but was skeptical thinking that even though it was waterproof it might not have a good color pay off. But it did!

I love the color, very similar to Teddy even though it doesn't have as much of the shimmer. It makes up for it in being waterproof. And like, a whoolle lot cheaper. This formula glides on smoother than Teddy and wears for longer. Once it sets it stays put. Definitely my new brown eyeliner replacement. I want to get it in black too.  


The best chocolate chip cookie. Ever.

"After a really awful no good day didn't your mama ever make you milk and cookies?"

 I always think of that line from Stranger Than Fiction whenever I bite into a warm, gooey, fresh-outta-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. There's something so comforting and nostalgic about a delicious chocolate chip cookie. That moment when you bite into it, it's like magic, right? I've been on the search for the best chocolate chip cookie so that when a day calls for just that magic moment I can bake it and suddenly have the world become a better place. Every mom should have the perfect cookie recipe to cheer up their littles (and herself) with. 

Up until now I was using this recipe and love it, it's actually very similar to this one here. I found this recipe through Pinterest (of course) and it led me to The Domestic Rebel blog that is full of the kind of treats that only exist in your dreams (if you dream of that sort of thing, I mean.) The main ingredient that takes this recipe to a whole new level? The milk chocolate Ghirardelli caramel-filled square that is hidden in the center. Mmmm. I've added my own secret bonus ingredient too. Heath milk chocolate toffee bits. They add the perfect amount of crunch to the dough that bakes chewy in the center but slightly crispy on the edges. Is your mouth watering yet? Have fun baking these giant love cookies (ya, that's what they are!) with your little and enjoy some magic.

{Keep reading for the recipe}


Makeup Doubles: M.A.C's #130 VS E.L.F.'s Small Stipple Brush

MAC makeup brush double

One of the main things I get asked is if cheaper makeup brands work as well as higher end makeup. And my short answer is yes. Of course there are exceptions like when it comes to high-coverage concealers or foundation, I will definitely splurge for those. But I always say, that for everyday makeup and tools you really don't have to spend that much. I've taken some products for a test run to see if I could save a couple (more like several!) bucks while getting the same results. I'll be letting you in on some proven makeup and tools that work just as well as the high-end stuff. Get ready to have some extra spending money, girls!

First up is E.L.F.'s Small Stipple Brush versus M.A.C's 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush. 

 I have worked with this M.A.C blending brush for several years and use it mostly for foundation, cream blush, or sometimes to contour /highlight. But wasn't too impressed with the quality, especially for with such a steep price tag. 

So when I came across it's E.L.F. double at Target I just had to give it a try. 
It works just as well! And for that much more of an affordable price I want to go back and get 3 more! 

 This brush works wonders for blending foundation, lots better then using your hands. It cleans very easily, I found that the white fibers in the M.A.C one stains. And certain brushes notoriously shed hairs every time you wash them. E.L.F.'s hasn't shed at all.

Hope you found this review helpful! Now go save some money and look pretty! Win, win;) 


Homemade Acai Bowl Recipe

I recently had my first acai bowl and I was hooked! It was so delicious, healthy, and because of the guarana I had great natural energy that let me get so much done that day! I thought I'd attempt to recreate it at home and save myself the $5. Here's my easy acai bowl recipe! I just eyeball everything I put into the blender so I'll do my best to be precise about how much of each ingredient you'll need. Enjoy!

Acai Bowl Recipe
 1 C. Frozen Sambazon Acai juice
(They also sell these already in smoothie packs but I made my own by pouring a cup of the juice in a sandwich bag and freezing it, make do, right??)
1 Frozen banana
1 C. Frozen blueberries
1/2 C. Frozen mango (my fave), pineapple, or peach chunks
1/4 C. (or a bit more depending on how thick you like it)
Samabazon Acai, C-Boost Smoothie (this is really tasty), OJ, or other juice drink 
Add in guarana powder if you have it.

Blend and slowly add in the juice to get the desired consistency. 
(I have a Ninja blender but you can also use a food processor to get a smooth texture.)
Serve into a bowl and top with granola, honey, and fresh fruit.
Eat up!