Myheartistry is expanding! Introducing Mama & Little Teething Jewelry!

I started MyHeartistry going on 5 years ago! And since then I have come a long way with this little blog. Touching on different subjects besides makeup and beauty, like pregnancy and food-- of, course! Because my life has changed in the last couple of years so has my blog. Now that I'm a mom I hope to bring useful tips and ideas to help make our busy lives a bit easier, always with a positive attitude to hopefully garner some inspiration.

I've enjoyed writing this blog, learning from trial and error on my own, growing my freelance makeup and hair business and that has brought me to develop a passion for following my dreams. That's what MyHeartistry has become-- a place/thing/motivation where all my creative impulses turn into real life accomplishments:) Listening and acting on all my creative impulses is actually really fun! So, that brings me to introducing Mama & Little. My new creative business venture for mamas and their littles. A teething jewelry collection with modern styles in colors (and pricing) any mom will love! I'm so passionate about it. I've grown it from just an idea in my mind to designing and fulfilling this little dream. 

If your little is going through the dreaded teething phase or soon will you'll want to check out Mama & Little. You'll inevitably need to take off your necklace (and pretty much all jewelry!) to keep it out of their mouths but that doesn't mean you can't accessorize at all! Our collection of necklaces and bracelets are 100% food-grade silicone (non-toxic, BPA, PVC, and lead free, too!) super durable, and made to be safe for your little. If you're a mom who's always looking for that next new, fun thing that will make your life a bit easier and make your little happy you'll want to try our products:) Follow Mama & Little on Instagram and Pinterest too.

Thanks for sticking by me and for all of your lovely support!


  1. i like your stripe tee and leggings.



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